Ride Log - July 5th, 2014: Kankakee River State Park

This past weekend I had a chance to do a nice quick ride down Route 113 near Kankakee. There is a nice thirteen mile stretch along the south side of the Kankakee River through the state park down there. If anyone is in that area, it is worth hitting up this little stretch for a pleasant ride. Unfortunately it seems like the "New Google Maps" is terrible for trying to load GPS data into it. I'll put that in another post, but in the mean time enjoy this quick video of the ride. 

Ride Log - June 1st, 2014: Koval Distillery

Today was literally the worst ride I have ever ridden. I had a tour over at Koval Distillery in Chicago today so Megan and I took the bike over to that. I figured it would be fun to drive through some of the Chicago neighborhoods and the lake on the way to the distillery. It was a miserable experience. The traffic on I-55 in both directions was crawling. What should have been a 50 minute ride each way turned into a 90+ minute ride each way. It was hot and miserable. I have never been so uncomfortable on the bike before and it didn't help that I had a passenger that was also hot. 

The tour of the distillery itself was cool. It lasted only about 35-40 minutes, but it was interesting to see how whisky is made. I was surprised at actually how small the distillery was. There was a back portion that we didn't get to see, but the building was fairly small. Overall it was a fund trip and made me appreciate Whisky and the Koval brand more. I came away really enjoying the millet whisky that they make. The Bourbon had a really creamy flavor to it as well. If you find yourself in the area, definitely check out the tour there. 


Riding Two-Up

Over the past couple of weeks I have been purchasing riding gear for Megan. My goal is to get her riding two-up with me this summer because I would like to do some longer trips on the motorcycle. I think it would also be good for us to utilize it more so we don't have to use her car all of the time for our day rides up to the parents for holidays. She has a jacket and riding pants on order, but her helmet arrived so I convinced her to put on my extra pair of pants and jacket to get on the back of the motorcycle yesterday to see how things would go. 

Overall everything went better than expected. Megan handled riding on the back very well. I would even go as far to say she enjoyed it. I had to make some minor adjustments to my riding style since the center of gravity on the bike changed, but overall it was not difficult to ride two-up. I think the whole process here will be a successful one and I am looking forward to a trip or two later this summer.