New Track - Taiga

New track recorded from the past couple of days. If you have been watching any of my Twitch Streams you would have seen me working on this one for a while. The video is captured from the Twitch stream and unfortunately has a couple of audio artifacts. A cleaner copy of the recording is above from Soundcloud. 

This track was incredibly difficult to record. I am not sure if it was just mental or what but I had a countless number of takes on this one before i got it right. 

New Audio Interface: iConnect Audio4+

With the upgrade to OS X El Capitan over the past couple of months my old sound card is unfortunately no longer supported. My M-Audio Fast Track 2 has served me well for years. It really has been a great sound card, but M-Audio has recently changed owners a couple of times over the past couple of years and it now seems that the FastTrack Pro line may not be receiving updates anymore. 

SO I was left with trying to find a new audio interface for my Mac. After asking around on Facebook I was recommended to check out the iConnect Audio4+. I honestly had never even heard of that company, but upon further research it came back with nothing but positive reviews. 

One of the strongest features is that it is a "class compliant" device which means that it does not need any audio drivers on Mac. It also has some wonderful internal bus routing features in the box, which allows me to route the audio input devices to both my monitors through direct bypass as well as my Mac, while still have the audio coming out from the Mac via USB to the monitors. It is a very cool feature actually. 

I miss the digital inputs that I had on the Fast Track Pro, but it is a small sacrifice to make for the new features. I also picked up a second camera for recording my studio work and this weekend I put it to use with a new configuration. Overall I have to say that everything has worked out surprisingly well.