Ride Log: 03-25-12

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Took a nice trip this past Sunday up along Route 25 and the Fox River. The route had a nice mix of scenic road, downtown areas and a bit in-between. I then swung over to Big Timber Road and then on to Route 20 to head back east. Both were nice drives as well, but Route 20 became stop and go once into DuPage County. 

Ridelog: 03-11-12 - First Ride of 2012

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The weather in Chicago this weekend as fantastic. Mid-fifties on Saturday and mid-sixties this Sunday. I had to bring my motorcycle into M&M Motorsports yesterday to get some new tires installed. I purchased some Metzeler Roadtec Z6 tires and ran over to the mechanic at around noon yesterday. At first I wasn't expecting to get the bike back yesterday since he seemed booked. To my surprise though they called me a couple of hours later saying they got the tires on. I have to give some big props to them and Mark over there. He commented to me that since the weather was supposed to be nice today they wanted to get me back on the road. That was really great of them to do that. 

As for the ride itself today, it was great. Just a good farm road ride. It is unfortunate how boring most of the roads are in central Illinois since everything is on a grid.