Germany - Day 1

Megan and I had been talking about going to Europe for several years now and we decided to just "pull the trigger" and get it done. German was the destination and I bought airline tickets last fall and assumed we would just figure out our itinerary over the next several months. Our trip this year was to visit Munich, Nuremberg, and Berlin. 

The flight into Germany went fine, although Megan didn't get much sleep on the plane. We knew we were going to arrive around mid-morning so we had to check into our Air BnB apartment and then figure out something for the afternoon. Our apartment was located abut two blocks from the main train station. One of the tenants of the apartment, Marina, met us there to let us in. The apartment was gorgeous. You'll see some more photos of the apartment later. 

For our first afternoon we were planning on hitting up a couple of art museums, namely the Pinakothek der Moderne. Unfortunately it was closed because it was a Monday. Our afternoon was starting off poorly, but we then decided to head of to the Englisher Garten, which is Munich's "Central Park".

The highlights of this garden were the manmade river that ran through the center of it and the beer garden. On many days in the summer residents would swim in the river. It was sitting unusually high on this day though due to recent rains. They have a small section near the south side of the park where surfers ride the waves. 

Look at the size of that beer. 

After lunch in the garden we went and walked around the grounds of the Residenz, which was the royal palace. 

We then just sort of wandered around the "old town" area, and walked into a beautiful church and got luck by walking up to see the Glockenspiel right when it was going off. 

The day finished off by hitting up another church and also walking through the main market square. 

Mexico - Day 5 and flying home

So day five was just our flight home from Mexico. Overall I have to say I was really impressed and had a great time there. The people and the food were fantastic. The country was fun. I would go back in a heartbeat. 

I did however catch the infamous stomach bug so I was knocked off my feet bad with a fever for a couple of days. I ended up having to go to the doctor, but in the end I chalk it all up to part of the experience.