January 2013: Book Check In

So, Nanowrimo is long gone, but I am still slowly chipping away on my book. I have absolutely slowed down over the past month, a lot more than I had initially planned, but it was probably good to step back from everything for a bit of time to catch my breath. Nanowrimo was a mad sprint in November and nothing I have ever done before. It was exciting, but it wasn't really something I could keep on doing since I was basically neglecting other parts of my life. 

That being said I hope to get back into the writing part a bit more through the month of January. I am amazed at how much of this story I am discovering myself as I write this book. I am sort of just making things up as I go along and writing what feels like what would naturally happen in a scenario. I have found myself and my characters going to places I never imagined, wondering why we were all here and acting upon motives they never would have at the beginning of this adventure. 

I had to write my first love scene, which I admit was a bit awkward because all I could think about was if people reading this would just think it was my own sexual desires coming out. I had one of my characters commit a horrific crime out of pure impulse upon the moment. Everything is just sort of falling around me in this story, but I think I will get to where I need to be in the end. Ideas about solidifying the world seem to be coming together around me. I hope to keep plugging along with this. Eventually I may even allow people to read it. 

Nanowrimo: Day 1 is in the bag.


So day one is done. Man was it hard to get this started. I probably started and rewrote this beginning sequence a half dozen times. I have ended the day with 1724 words though which I feel is not to bad of a start. I basically made my way through the introduction of my characters. 

I am toying with the idea of posting up my content as I write to get feedback from people who may have thoughts or ideas I could explore. I assume that my writing is going to be pretty atrocious since I am basically mashing at the keyboard to just get words on the page. We will see if that may be some thing I want to do. 

Here We Go. NanoWrimo This Week

So here it is. November 1st is the start of Nanowrimo 2013. I have told myself I am doing this. Writing a novel in a month. Am I prepared? I have no idea. I tried to do some real planning and outlining the past couple of months and I have a solid idea. I suppose we will just sort of see how this all plays out. 

As I have mentioned before, I have never done anything like this before. Am I nervous? Heck ya.