What Motorcycle Gear to I want for 2017?

Is it riding season yet? Man, I really want to get out on the bike again. I can't wait for my long summer trip with MEWs in August, but a weekend trip to Michigan or something would be fun. 

2017 is now here so let's talk about what toys and gadgets I want for the coming year. 

Sena 10c Bluetooth Headset and Camera

I have resisted getting a bluetooth headset from the first day I got my motorcycle license. I just have no interest in listening to music or talking to people while on the motorcycle. What I do enjoy though is taking video of my motorcycle rides. Sena has come out with a nice bluetooth headset that has a camera mounted on it, allowing the rider to have continuous recording, which they can capture in 3 minute bursts, with audio/music if they choose. I think that seems pretty cool for a lot of use case scenarios and we all know that every motorcyclist in the world is having a conversation with themselves while riding. Capturing some of those moments might be fun. By the way, if you are looking for a fun motorcycle vlog, check out BucTrafic over on Youtube

New Riding Boots

I am in need of some new riding boots. Our trip last summer to Colorado did a number on them and I found out that they are not as waterproof as they claim. Time to get something a bit more robust for touring. I am not quite sure what I want to get at this point though. SIDI Adventure boots consistently get high marks so those are probably a top candidate at the moment. 

New Textile Riding Clothes?

So, I like my Olympia riding jacket and pants, but I am not in love with them. The velcro sticks to everything but what it is supposed to, it doesn't have a built in back protector (I wear a vest) and it is not terribly waterproof. Again, I found this out when I had to endure about 8 hours of rain at 40 degrees in the Rocky Mountains. I am seriously considering picking up a riding suit. I have my two piece leather gear for my weekend riding, but the touring days where we are on the bike for 8+ hours really makes me think a riding suit is the way to go. 

Joe Rocket makes the Survivor Suit, which seems to get some good reviews. The ultimate riding suit is the custom made Aerostich suit. It comes in at a hefty $1,200 though. If you have done any motorcycle touring at all though, you have almost certainly seen someone with one of these suits on. They are distinctive. 


Here is another item I have been resistant to purchase, but have to acknowledge the utility of. a Motorcycle GPS system. Of all the items listed here so far, this is probably the lowest on my list. BMW has their official Garmin branded GPS units, but those run upwards of $600. The TomTom Rider 400 is a bit more affordable (but still expensive) coming in $399 online. We'll have to see if this one actually happens. Perhaps if I lead that trip into Canada in a year or two.