Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Electric Sheep

OK I recently have gotten into this fractal flame art. Very interesting, and from this I stumbled upon this screensaver system known as electronic sheep.

It is based on the idea of the novel "Do androids dream of electronic sheep" (later turned into the movie Blade Runner, one of my favorites of all time)

the sheep are fractal images/animations, the android is your computer. When u aren't using it, it is sleeping hence the screensaver is activated.

these dazzling images scroll across your screen as your computer dreams.

Now what makes this so cool is that your computer really is dreaming in a sense. The fractuals your computer makes and all the other computers make are sent back and forth to and from a server(the flock) and every 24 hours new sheep are born from the endless combining of other sheep a Shepard oversees this whole process. as the flock grows and becomes more complex. so the fractuals on your screen are constantly changing and become more dynamic and complex. the transfer system works on the same source code as seti at home.
Apophysis is a great freeware flame program I use and you can submit sheep you make as well to the server.

I attached an image of a flame I made just to give u a simple idea of what you may see or make. Imagine something much more complex then this as your screen saver and also animated.