Well today is sweet Day. My sweetie probably will never read this but ill just do a little ditty on how much I love her. We often times get into fights and quarrels all the time. I think it comes more from just us miss-understanding what we mean when we say something. Neither of us tries to hurt each other. I want her to know how much I really try to do everything with her in mind. I really look forward to little things in our future, like having a house, living together, things like that. For those of you who don't know we have been together for nearly 7 years now. Yeah since sophomore year in high school. That really stands the testament of time. I know she often times gets very upset with me for what I say and do. In all honesty I'm just too stubborn most of the time to just admit I'm wrong or let a subject die, and I usually create a bigger situation then exists.

For example last night we had a brief fight. She is very touchy about her mother, and I usually try not to bring the subject up in fear of provoking a negative emotion. This however lead to a misunderstanding on my part as to what she meant by when she said she wanted some of her mother's things. I thought she wanted like the furniture and most of the belongings from her parents house. I had this fear that she was going to transplant her parents stuff into our new home, and hence I would be living in not "our" home but her home. I actually thought this for over a year and was kind of scared of it. That wasn't what I wanted.

Just yesterday I found out however that this was not what she was referring to, she was referring to her family hierlooms and nik naks. These of course I don't have any sort of problem with at all. Those are the sort of things that are really special and such and are supposed to be passed down. So needless to say we both sort of miss-understanding each other. I think we both were a little crabby and looking for a fight. Yeah.

well In case you have read this blog honey. Bare with me, I love you soo much you cant imagine. Hopefully you can bare with me for the rest of your life.