Sad to leave?

This past Saturday I attended my last football game at my University. I will be graduating this December, and moving onto graduate school at a different college.

In all honesty I really can't stand University of Illinois much longer. I hate most of the people here and the attitudes almost everyone has. The emphasis on drinking and getting drunk, the role or importance which is played upon the frat and sorority scene (the Greek system was invented at U of I).

This campus exudes the principle elements which I hate of modern culture. Not only is the drinking and constant desire to inhibit oneself and ever drawing factor on me, but the materialistic nature of most of the students on this campus. I would bet that probably 60% of the 32,000 students here are well off white kids from the Chicago suburbs. Granted I am one of those well off, but they manner in which they present themselves is appalling. The need to wear this trendy clothes and gadgets, the constant shopping, sun-less tanner,streaked hair,mid-riff clothes drives me nuts. I mean what's the point of doing all this when all of the girls on campus look exactly alike?

I love the quotes I get from these people of "I'm being an individual." and individual like everyone else. Its kind of ironic how alternative rock music as now become mainstream.

Another prime example of this shear materialistic imagery is those damned Armstrong bracelets. If your wearing one right now take the damn thing off. There is nothing to be proud of when you donate $1 to cancer research. Do you really think that gives you to the right to walk around and brag?

No. I'm sure most people don't look at it that way either, but these bracelets are being bought not because anyone actually cares about cancer research, but because these bracelets are the latest fashion statement. It gives the illusion of you being a socially active and caring person. I don't see the man or woman who donated $10,000 walking around with a billboard saying they donated 10k to cancer do you?

Anyways, I digress. I suppose after all the things which I hate about this campus, and ultimately this nation I still feel sad for leaving. Singing the alma mater at this past Saturday's football game nearly broke me into tears. This campus is all I have known, and tradition despite what this University has become still plays an important role. U of I was founded in 1867, and the memories, the nostalgia, and the pride which has been created over the years on this campus still remains in the students.

I will greatly miss being a student here, but I know that I will always be an Illini.