Writers block is gone

I have finally broken my 2 months of writers block. A new song is in the works, I'm probably about 20% complete on it. I'm very excited as it is turning out very well so far.

I have come to realize that in music production, and perhaps in life as well there seems to be two basic camps of people.

Those who think limitations lead to creativity, and those who feel limitless resources lead to creativity. I feel that I fall into the former camp. I find that I work better working within the confines of the resources that I have. A music McGuyver if you will.

It forces me to really learn my tools inside and out and makes me learn the true nature of how they work rather then simply the sound that comes out of the tool. With my view I feel that somehow, the instruments are less disposable then if I were unbound by limitations.

Take for instance the software boom in music production. There are now thousands of software tools available, and hundreds which are completely free. Although this leads to a great diversity of tools to work with, the tools have now become disposable. they are shreds of paper.

Of course I could just be outta mind.