The touch of music

It amazes me how much of a direct impact music has on individuals. The stir of emotions is truly remarkable and is something which no other form of art can accomplish. It is only in music that the audience feels a direct connection with the artist.

With the passing "Dimebag" Darrell in a horrific club shooting this past week it makes us come to grips with the dual face of emotion in music. On the one side it appears that the killer was struck with rage with the breakup of Pantera. Obviously psycho, but demonstrates a point of how big of an impact music plays in all of our lives. I could assume many of us are upset, angry, or sad when you find out your favorite band breaks up.

I was quite crushed this past summer to find out that "Orbital" broke up after 15 years together.

The alternative side is the unification that this music and the death has had amongst the fans of Pantera. They are united in morning, and in song over the legacy of this guitar player. Would such a unity of mourning have happened if this man were an artist instead of a musician? Maybe, but most likely not.

It is shown through history that musicians are perhaps the best able medium for art to reflect social commentary of our society. Its impact will always be the one which is most lasting and most diverse. A great musician has died because of the music, but the music will live on, and the fans will live on through that music.