2012 Wrap Up

2013 is here!!!  So last year I had a whole bunch of goals from last year . Did I complete most of the ones I set out to do?  Let's find out and givet hem a quick review. Let's cross of what I think I succssfully accomplished. 

  1. One Song a Month 
  2. Learn about Buddhism 
  3. Skydive
  4. Finish furnishing house
  5. Personalize office
  6. Donate at least $100 a month to charity  
  7. Learn to rock climb
  8. Cross country ski
  9. Be a better husband
  10. Zen
  11. Go on a date once a month with wife
  12. Go see a musical  
  13. Pickup model building again 
  14. Goto a concert 
  15. U of I football game 
  16. Ride more motorcycle
  17. Don't look back in anger 
  18. Replace valves in other 2 toilets 
  19. Build a workbench
  20. Take more quiet time
  21. Expand my musical repitoire
  22. Be patient

OK......So not too bad. I missed some of the big items, but some of the smaller more interpersonal items I definitely accomplished. This year has been very busy though with Megan getting into the full groove with her new job. I think one thing Megan and I need to focus on this year is more personal time together. But I will save that to a post next week for my 2013 goals.