2014 Goals

Well, it is that time again, when we look back upon the year we had and then think about what we want to do moving forward.  This past year went pretty fine for the most part, but for some reason I wouldn't really call it a satisfying year on the whole. I took two wonderful vacations this past summer to Yosemite and on a cruise. Apart from that though I didn't feel like I had much else from the summer that really stood out for me. 

My biggest personal accomplishment was probably my participation in Nanowrimo this past November. I found that I actually enjoyed writing quite a bit and I hope to continue going forward this year. My biggest disappointment was that I really did not get to ride my motorcycle as much as I wanted. I didn't participate in as many group rides as I would have liked and I did none of the weekend trips I wanted to. Somehow my weekends felt really full with other work. 

This year I think I want to keep my goals a bit simpler. 

  1. Music Mondays - I should use Monday evenings to work on more music 
  2. Continue to write at least once a week. Perhaps even get a book finished. 
  3. Ride more Motorcycle. 
That's it for right now.