So this weekend Ill be traveling up to Milwaukee from Champaign to work some campaigning for the Kerry campaign. uhh yeah...
I personally am not one for the campaign trial, but this is for a class, and it will be kind of fun to get out of this dumpy campus town.

Also I got accepted to NIU graduate program. I'm very excited about it. It will be a lot of work, but will be good for me, plus I will get to live with my Girlfriend, which I am really looking forward to. Woot.

Well got to head out, as I have to wake up at like 5:45 tomorrow morning. ehh. Oh well.


Ive been fascinated with fractual images and art lately, and decided to give it a try. My first attempt has turned out to be quite amazing. Maybe this is something Ill get into a little more. A full size Hi-quality image of this pic can be found in my art gallery at my homepage. See the links to the right for a full view.


I'm in the process of helping my very talented and very beautiful girlfriend setup her own blog for her website. She's a great artist, but not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers. So we both sort of decided it would be best o use a blog for her to post her artwork and insights online.

Right now the site is a little bare, but she plans on uploading most of her work over time as well as post all sorts of crazy thoughts and ideas that come out of her head. I encourage you to check out her site, I think you may really enjoy the artwork.