A Frustrating Learning Experience with my BMW Motorcycle

I just have to shake my head sometimes. So I have owned the r1200r now since September of last year and I love the bike. This is my first "modern" motorcycle with fuel injection and a computer, etc. A couple of months ago I posted a thread in the user forum asking why there weren't very many aftermarket parts for the r1200r compared to the older Japanese bikes that I have seen.In retrospect that seems like such a funny thread now.

Over this winter I have attempted two minor modifications and both have been foiled with frustration, both of which have been easily done on my previously owned bikes. Many of you probably saw my Banshee Horn post from a week ago. That one I probably can do and the failure was more on my issues with the aesthetic of the bike with the horn more than anything else.

Today I attempted to install the Signal Dynamics' Back Off XP. It is a tail light modulator.  The journey on this one of course started off fine enough, but even at the outset when I exposed the wiring I found myself confused right out of the gate. I was presented with some of the weirdest wiring colors I have ever seen . A black/grey/yellow wire, a grey/red/white wire and a brown wire. The brown is negative btw.

After installing the Back Off kept getting a lamp fault on the bike when I started it up. I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on. Were my splices and butt connectors bad? I finally went online and figured out it was the canbus. So much for another project. Now I am just slightly pissed because I had to cut back quite a bit of the insulation wrap on the wires to expose them. They are now of course also butt crimped back together rather than being nice and clean. The more I own this bike the more I sort of look at it like an Apple computer (which I own and use). They are gorgeous, beautifully engineered pieces of equipment. Even the wiring was gorgeously laid out (on both!!!!) There are easy to install after market accessories that are equally as beautiful and pricy. But, if you really want to mess with stuff though it seems like that is sort of a "no-no". Don't crack that box open too much. The gear is too smart for its own good. All said and done, I suppose I just need to stop fiddling with the bike and just ride the damn thing.