Bioshock Infinite Was Amazing

So I picked up Bioshock Infinite this weekend and sort of ravenously devoured it in the course of a couple of days. Columbia is a really cool world and I remembered why I loved the original Bioshock as much as I did. I don't know how to actually write this without giving away any spoilers to the game. Bioshock is one of those amazing stories where you finish it and your mind is racing, trying to process everything that just happened. I need to talk to someone about it, to digest it and chew on all that has happened. 

Columbia is also a really cool world that Irrational created. It was nice to see an active, lived in world this time around as opposed to the already destroyed one of the original Bioshock. 

It has been a while since a video game excited and I think I will need to go back and play this again.