Goodbye to My Kawasaki ZR-7

So I sold my Kawasaki ZR-7 this evening to an eastern european fellow who looked to be in his late teens or early twenties. I have a little bit of sadness at the sale, but to be honest I am not nearly as torn about it as I thought I was going to be. For months now, over the winter I had been debating whether to keep my first motorcycle; the motorcycle that sort of saved my sanity during one of the toughest emotional periods of my entire life. 

My wife in her infinite wisdom sort of convinced me that it probably made sense to sell it. I was always choosing to ride my new BMW over the Kawi whenever I went out and really the girl deserves better justice than to sit in my garage. The first ten years of her life were spent mostly in some guy's garage. She needed better.

So I threw the bike up on Craigslist and had a few takers. All said and done I think the bike probably made its way to a good home. The guy who bought it seemed extremely excited about the bike. I could just hear the excitement in his voice and while his friends who came along didn't seem quite so excited I could sort of tell that this guy found the type of bike that fit his personality. I did also get a vibe however that he may not have actually had a motorcycle license since we ended up chatting about the MSF courses. 

Regardless though I think the bike has found a good home. Someone who will put some miles on her. I have an empty spot in my garage now that is is very much motorcycle sized.........