Nanowrimo Day 16: Checking in - More than Half Way

So today is the end of day 16. That means we are just past halfway and this past Saturday as the "write in" Saturday where writers are supposed to lock themselves in a room and dedicate the day to writing. I was proud to say that I once again had a productive write in by getting nearly 6,000 words completed. I needed it as I was behind a couple of days at the end of this week due to scheduling conflicts. 

I have three short stories completed now, two of which are solid ideas, but I can already see that they are in fairly rough shape. I already have taken some notes on how I would like to adjust those and tweak the tone and settings for future revisions. The current story that I am working on focusing on Apath, our main character being lost in the wilderness, due to a trade deal gone bad. He was left to die by a syndicate gang that refused to uphold their end of the delivery. Apath is then found by a hidden group of outlaws who are now living in a small city they have built outside of normal civilization. The question that remains now is are they going to let him leave for fear of them exposing them and potentially putting all of their lives in danger?

The next morning Apath woke up to an argument occurring outside of the building he was sleeping in. The argument was very clearly about him. Outside was the man named Hogan, standing casually and cooly  by the front door of the building while some other individual, are rather portly man was sitting there shouting at him at how dangerous it was for him to bring and outsider to their town. 

"Hogan, do you know that there are many in this town that are still wanted by law enforcement or by some of the corps back k in those cities. What if he wanted to collect a bounty on us here."

"Look, what was I supposed to do, just let him die in the wilderness from those bandits?"

"Yes, why did  you get involved? You know better than that and what we are trying to do here. "

"Look, if he is a problem, then we just drop him back off into the wilderness."

The man named Hogan opened the door to the house and Apath could hear him now walking up the stairs to the second floor. The door was unlocked and he stepped in. 

"Morning" he said as he stepped into the room. 

Apath sat up from the bed, his clothes still filthy from the three days wandering in the wilderness. 

"Morning" he replied. 

"Well, why don't we get you clean up, and you can tell us whether we should kill you right now or if you might be of some use to us." said Hogan, "Follow me"

He stepped out the door and and Motioned for Apath to follow him.