The touch of music

It amazes me how much of a direct impact music has on individuals. The stir of emotions is truly remarkable and is something which no other form of art can accomplish. It is only in music that the audience feels a direct connection with the artist.

With the passing "Dimebag" Darrell in a horrific club shooting this past week it makes us come to grips with the dual face of emotion in music. On the one side it appears that the killer was struck with rage with the breakup of Pantera. Obviously psycho, but demonstrates a point of how big of an impact music plays in all of our lives. I could assume many of us are upset, angry, or sad when you find out your favorite band breaks up.

I was quite crushed this past summer to find out that "Orbital" broke up after 15 years together.

The alternative side is the unification that this music and the death has had amongst the fans of Pantera. They are united in morning, and in song over the legacy of this guitar player. Would such a unity of mourning have happened if this man were an artist instead of a musician? Maybe, but most likely not.

It is shown through history that musicians are perhaps the best able medium for art to reflect social commentary of our society. Its impact will always be the one which is most lasting and most diverse. A great musician has died because of the music, but the music will live on, and the fans will live on through that music.

New Projects for 2005

I have been increasingly frustrated the last several months with my music production both in the studio and for my live act. Ive been sitting down in front of my gear and basically just been looking at it like ive never seen it before.

I've tried to develop a drone noise project as my next step, that just doesnt seem to be going anywhere.

I've basically sat down this evening to try to draw out a plan of what I want to accomplish for the next year and what might spark me.

My previous livepa work Im happy with, but generally I found them mostly a proccess to learn my gear, which I have over the past year or two. Im gradually starting to drift more into the audio manipulation side of things with almost completly undwritten melodies and pure improve, recording on the fly.

My plans for the next year are to develop an art and media project focused around some fractual artwork which I am working on and combining it with music.

My goal is to develop a set of fractual imagery to display a show in a traditional art gallery. My live show is to be performed for the viewers as they view the artwork. My goal is to create a sort of drone looping noise thing. well see how that plays out.

In addition to this I hope to create a dvd of some fractual video and some custom (studio) music to loop and play when Im not there to perform.

I understand Im setting high goals for myself, but this at least gives me a music and creative direction for the next year or so.

Ive talked to several people i know so far and they seem to like the idea in theory. Hopefully all you folks will at least find this intresting, and well see how it progresses throughout the next year.

In addition to that im also thinking of hanging up the M.A.S. productions moniker. I fear I may have just exhausted my creativity with that style of music. I will most likely not release alot of music on the net for free in 2005. maybe some limited releases as I tie up some loose projects such as the classica series.

My goals are to focus more on some proper cd productions which I will release independantly. The first one will simply be a studio collection of many of my live tracks. As to whether this will be a mix cd or not is up for debate (suggestions would be nice)

I'm also really getting into 8-bit music and plan to focus my "studio" work on an 8-bit based album experimenting in 4 track recording, tape-looping, dub recording and vocal work. Im quite excited with that prospect in addition to my live art gallery work.

Anyways we will see how things pan out. I may not get anything accomplished due to grad school. I may get a whole lot accomplished. Im just in an upbeat mood right now as I finally feel I have some musical and creative direction for the next year. Hopefully you guys will at least find these projects intresting.

If anyone cares I plan to be tracking my progress for the live gallery project on my myspace (Dynamic Interplay) blog. u can find it in my siggie.

My Computer is DEAD!!!! Well... It has risen

My computer died on me this past week so I have had almost no access to the Internet. I apologize for the lack of posts.

However it has been revived by the gracious Dell people. Thank you warranty. However my Internet isn't working. I'm typing on my roommate's computer right now.

Computer is dead

Well I apologize for not being a little more active. My computer died on my and just was fixed today by the Dell people. My internet is still down though. Im typing on my roomate's computer. Gah its frustrating.


I have become increasingly frustrated with my musical endeavors as of late. I just cannot seem to come up with any ideas creatively. I sit in front of my gear staring at it as if it was brand new and I never have used it before. I cant seem to kick myself in the butt to really get something going musically.

This problem could be for the fact that I am at a pinnacle point of change. I am going to graduate college in about a month, and I'm changing schools across the state to go to graduate college. I'm fairly stressed about this I must admit, and worried about my work load for the next year or so.

I've decided musically I want to pursue some albums and have those pressed and released independently. This I believe is what I want to focus on for the next year or so musically. I'm thinking of limiting my net releases of songs because of this fact and maybe try to recoup some of the vast expenses I have undertaken for this joyous hobby of mine.

I suppose we will see where the dice fall. It is best not to force creativity when it isn't needed. It will come back in due time. Lets just hope sooner rather then later.