Rise of the Solar Empire

Rise of the Solar Empire is a divergence of sorts for me. This album is focused on more dance oriented beats with almost all of tracks featuring a “four to the floor” kick line. Mixed in with the danceable beats however are the signature pads and melody lines you come to expect from Dynamic Interplay. 



  • Rain Maker
  • Henry Boy
  • Night the Morning Come
  • Journey to the Edge of the Earth
  • Rise of the Solar Empire
  • Five ‘Till Touchdown
  • Echoes
  • Hop Scotch
  • Hopes & Space Dreams
  • Eyes Closed & Waiting

All Tracks (c) Matthew A. Supert 2007 unless otherwise noted. All work including music and artwork is released under Creative Commons sharealike license 2.5. For more information please visit the .:Creative Commons 2.5 Deed:. for this webpage.