The Adventures of Morrin Soul Axe

So this past Friday I had my second role playing adventure with the Pathfinder Society. As with the first time, I had a blast and I am now starting to get a handle on how the game works a bit more. Our group was thrown for a bit of a loop at the beginning of the game as the GM who was hosting the game asked all of our characters to introduce themselves to their fellow companions and state why they decided to join the Pathfinder Society. I had to on the spot think up of a a background story for my character, but I think I did a pretty good job. 

I think I may start a little sort of side blog posts going forward that summarizes these adventures. Could be sort of fun. In the mean time, I will do a quick summary of the introduction I did that evening for my character. 

Five, unknown faces were sitting across from me at a table. I couldn't quite make eye contact with them and kept my eyes down looking at the table as I scratched the side of my head, pretending that I had an itch. Standing in the middle of the table is Kreighton Shaine, an idiot elf with an all to happy of an disposition going on and on about our confirmation. Standing off to the side is a halfling with a large shit-eating grin on her face. 
"Who the hell does she think she is?" I wondered to myself. 
Moments later Shaine introduces her as Janira Gavix and she will be leading this little expedition of ours. With that grin still stretching from ear to ear, she steps up to the table and introduces herself. She seems way to pleasant for this hour of the day and her voice is giving me such a headache that I am having trouble focusing my attention on her. Or it could be the hangover from last night that is making it hard to focus on her. 
Before I could collect my thoughts she threw a large book onto the table, which shook several glasses and dishes rattling. She then asked us all to introduce ourselves and cheerfully looked to the fellow to her left. To be quite honest, I couldn't tell you the names of anyone else at that table as they began their introductions. Just their snobby mannerisms. The first fellow was another fighter such as myself. He seemed so shocked by the idea of telling us his name that he nearly forgot it himself. 
When the the round of introductions finally made its way over to me, I found that everyone was staring at me in silence, anticipating what I was going to say. With a grumble I began, still not lifting my head up as I spoke. 
"My name is Morrin Soulaxe. I am the second son of Sorrin Soulaxe, a traveling gemstone merchant. As you can imagine, being the second son in the merchant business does not leave me with much in life. My family intends to give me nothing of the family business, so three years ago I left, looking to try and find a business of my own. I quickly found out thought that I was not much good at anything. Having lost all of my money I ended up becoming a drunk and ultimately a petty criminal. Then one day, about a year ago,a Pathfinder found me in the gutter, nearly passed out, beaten and bloodied from a fight. That individual dragged me into the Pathfinder society and ever since that time I have been looking for them to thank them for saving my life."

The table was silent for a split second before Janira finally burst back into talking........