The Spring is Always an Overload

Winter at work is always our slow time and it is a nice opportunity to us to catch up on smaller projects and plan things for the year. Spring is what brings in our busy time of the year and this year it has hit us suddenly like a brick. Things have been crazy busy and stressful. I have really found two outlets over the past couple of weeks to really burn off some steam. 

I have had a really energizing experience broadcasting some of my music in the studio on Twitch. I am now to the point where I am experimenting with two cameras and perhaps will expand to even three cameras. I hope over the coming weeks with this setup to do a couple of "live performance shows" or to do some tutorials for the Command Station and my other gear. 

Watch live video from sup909 on Twitch

My other outlet has been through some video games. Its for those nights when I am literally just too tired to want to think about anything. The odd thing is that I haven't found a particular game that I have latched onto. I have bounced around between almost a half-dozen games over the past few weeks, spending a few hours on each of them. Nintendo has found a particular amount of time with me as of late on both the Wii U and the 3DS. I am building up some hype for the upcoming Mario Kart DLC coming out soon and I have picked up Captain Toad for the Wii U, which is a perfect, low stress puzzle game game. It really is a fantastic looking game and really is a strong example of showing how impressive Nintendo games can look. 

The 3DS has also been a great stress relief lately as well. The 3DS has these little collection of games built into it's Mii Plaza which are predicated on collecting users when other 3DS' connect to each other out in the world. It is a brilliant concept implemented on the 3DS and all of those plaza games are great bite sized pieces of content. Each one can be played in about five minutes. 

Spring an summer always end up being the busiest times of the year. Let's hope we can ride through it and enjoy it without it passing by too quickly.