Trail riding in Chicago

So apparently there is some decent trail riding in the Chicago area. After purchasing some new brakes for my Trek 820 and stripping off the unnecessary parts I took it out to Palos Park in Willow Springs. This park has about 20 miles of gravel wide track and single track trails

Overall I had a pretty good time. Unfortunately some pretty hard thunderstorms rolled through the area and I ended up having to camp out under a picnic shelter. The single track trails are only open when try to prevent erosion so my trip was cut a bit short. I definitely plan to head back out here in the coming weka and give my Trek some reason to stretch its legs.

2 responses
Nice ride! Trek makes a good bike.

Singletrack is some of the most fun riding I've ever done... I'm going camping this weekend, and it looks like I'll be doing some riding then - can't wait!

Yeah. I have had this bike for close to 15 years and never really took it off road. It is holding up very well and I am having a blast with it.