YouTube has become my go to destination to watch shows

Youtube has become my go to location for watching evening TV. Not Netflix. Not Amazon Prime. Youtube. 

I still receive a surprised look from people when I tell them that I do not have cable TV, but the truth is, I don'y really "watch" very much TV. More often than not, I will be playing some video games. When I do actually sit-down to watch something, I am typically too tired to really focus my attention on a show that is 45+ minutes. My ideal show tends to be something that I can play in the background and half watch. 

That is where YouTube fills that niche perfectly. Videos that range from 5-10 minutes long are ideal. I might be willing to hang in there for a 25 minute episode of something if it captures my attention for a long enough time.  Subscriptions are the best thing that YouTube has ever implemented, because I can roll through my subscription list through an evening and watch two things or twenty-five, and hey, if I don't see something tonight, it will still be in the exact location tomorrow. 

So let's take a look at some of my favorite channels. 

The Food Shows

First, let's get all of the food channels out of the way. You are going to see a lot of these.

Food Wishes

 Food Wishes is the epitome of what makes a good channel. The shows are short, funny and shot very well. 

Cupcake Jemma

Fun cupcakes and pastries from a British baker.

Binging with Babish 

I am new to this one, but he has a great format, excellent camera work and good food information. I also until just this past week thought it was called "Bing-ing” with Babish. It is "Binge-ing with Babish".

How to Drink

This one also hits all my right notes. Well produced, funny and amazingly well done camera work. 


Could this be one of my favorite channels of all? Yes, possibly. Even Megan will say "wait for me before you hit play". You don't know it, but you secretly are fascinated in the food that is in MRE's and you do want to go out and try them yourself. Trust me, you do. 

Everything Else

No order to these, so let's just do them alphabetically. 

Anne Annie

Modular ambient music set with scenic backdrops. 

Brave Wilderness

You know all of those Saturday morning nature shows for kids? Well this one is better than all of them. 


A guy, his motorcyle, and the shenanigans of Bucharest.


If you are looking for a channel to play in the background while you browse your phone or iPad, this is the channel. Entertaining and short clips of interesting movie trivia. 

Did You Know Gaming?

What Cinefix is to movies, Did You Know Gaming is to video games. 


Amazing high definition footage of underwater research. 

Good Mythical Morning

I can only take this channel in small bursts, but it is a funny talk show with two long time friends who do funny and stupid things. 

Jonathon Morrison 

Your tech and gadget fix.


Motorcycle adventures


Very trippy and sometime's relaxing bedroom electronic music.

So there are tons more, but those are some of my favorite channels. Anything cool out there I should check out?