Cook Book Series: Marshall Fields Cook Book - Boundary Waters Wild Rice Soup

Last Saturday we did our first Cook Book recipe from our new endeavor to begin cooking more recipes out of all of the cook books that we own. This first recipe came out of the Marshall Fields Cook Book.

Overall results on this one were great. The soup was easy to make in about forty minutes and it was rich and creamy. It was made a bit easier by the use of a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. It saved on some additional cooking time and the rotisserie chicken added some great flavor. 

We did almost have a mishap on this one because we didn't notice that the wild rice package called for the rice to cook on its own for about an hour. We disregarded that and threw the rice into the pot while the soup was simmering. I think it resulted in quite a bit more starch than was anticipated but for the first dishing up of the soup it worked out great. Reheating though wasn't quite as fantastic. Between the cream and the starch the soup reheated a bit too thick and that could in part be because of our mess up with the rice. 

Overall, a great recipe that you could totally make for a group of people for dinner.