Cook Book Series: The Sriracha Cookbook - Sesame-Sriracha Crusted Ahi Tuna

My most recent recipe from my cookbook series comes from The Sriracha Cookbook. I have made a couple of recipes out of this book before, but this dish was probably the most involved one I made out of this book. It called for sushi grade tuna, which I had some trouble finding at first. Megan took me though to an asian grocer in Naperville called H-Mart. This place not only had the tuna that I needed, but it was one of the coolest grocery stores I had ever seen. All sorts of fantastic foods, fresh fish (they kill them for you) an more. If you happen to begin in the area, it is worth stopping by the mart just to check it out and perhaps buy some of the green tea kit-kats or some other Japanese candy.

So, back onto this recipes. This was actually a pretty easy dish to make.  It basically was some Sriracha coated tuna that was seared on either side for about 60 seconds and then served with rice and some stir fried vegetables. Add some sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds and you're done. For the veggies I used both Yu Choy Sum and Chinese Broccoli and briefly sautéed them with some more oil before putting it all together. The fish ended up being sliced thinly, perhaps 1/4" thick. 

It was a simple dish and one worth making again.