Cuba Cruise - Day 2

Day 2, July 4th, we arrived in Cuba. Megan and I both got up early and watched the ship pull into the Havana port. 

While pulling in I caught a great video of a bi-plane spraying over the city. They even gave us a flyby. 

Our tour for that day was through Old Havana. Our tour guide, Mercedes, was fantastic. She answered all of our questions and was extremely entertaining. The tour was going to hit up the four main squares in Old Havana. 

Lunch was a much needed break from our walk and the heat. 

After lunch we were back out on the street for our tour. It was around 2:30 at this time and extremely hot outside. Most buildings in Havana do not have air conditioning and our restaurant luckily did. We finished up our tour before heading back into the ship for some air, a shower and dinner.

We had dinner on the ship and then headed back out. We had tickets for the Cabaret Tropicana. All of the guests received a flower, cigar and a bottle of rum for your table when you arrived. Megan and I shared a table with another couple, who was not very chatty that evening. 

Now, the bottle of rum that each table receives. You have basically two things you can do with it. You can drink all of it, or you can leave it unopened and bring it back aboard the ship. When the bottle of rum arrived at our table it sat there for a good 5-10 minutes untouched. I eventually motioned to the couple across the table from us, asking if they would like to open the bottle and they indicated they would. So I opened it and Megan and I shared in some Cuba Libre. Unfortunately the couple across from us did not, so we only were able to make it a little ways through this entire bottle and it was wasted. We could not bring an open bottle back onto the ship. 

So ended a long and fun Day 2. We got back to the ship around 1:00 AM.