Enhanced features for the site.

I have made several enhancements to the site this evening. I have updated the commenting engine and added .:Haloscan:. to manage comments. It features much better tracking features as well as "Trackback".

I have also added .:Technorati:. search, indexing and more to the site. They are located on the bottom right of the page. This should help anyone who wishes to search for posts, articles or tutorials I have written more efficiently.

I have also added a favicon to the site which can be seen if you are visiting my site through the blgospot link.

I will be adding a couple of more links in the next few days.

Update to LivePA sets.

I have updated the links to the Dynamic Interplay livePA sets. To appease to a broader audience and those poor souls on dial-up I have no linked to the Archive.org page for each liveset.

You can stream the file in 64Kbps or Vbr MP3 or download it in the following formats.

64Kbps MP3
192Kbps MP3
Ogg Vorbis
and Zip

The original Mp3's are still encoded in 192Kbps MP3

I Have Opened Up a Music Production Wiki for Artists and Non-Artists

I have started an Electronic Music Production Wiki to collect ideas and methods about electronic producers.


This WIKI is for artists to more actively participate in finding out who their fellow artist is and to allow outsiders into what we do.

I have started a few pages to get some ideas flowing. Since this is a WIKI where this goes is up to everyone. The point of this wiki is to allow for us artists to express what it is that makes us tick, why we do what we do, how we do it and everything that is important to us in the electronic music. Write about anything. Feel free to edit anything. Please make pages about topics that are important to you as an artist and musician.

The point is not to describe what electronic music is. There are plenty of wiki's for that, and if you want to link to those then feel free to. The point is to provide a resource as to who we are as musicians, composers, artists beyond just the sound, and to let people into our world.

If this is to succeed it takes the effort of everyone.

Editing is really simple. go to a page or make one and then simply click edit and type whatever you want.

To make links and hyperlinks it is as follows: [[http://www.bashds .com The Name of the Link]]

It is even easier then html.

There are three rules that I ask when you post:

1. I ask is that you please don't spam the board with personal links, unless you want to make an artist link page. That would be great, but don't use this as some cheap promotional tool to just post your link and leave.

2. Please do not try to show favoritism towards one production style, or a certain tool. The point is to open people up not to have a flame war start, or narrow people's thinking.

3. Please do not write in the first person. Do not use "I, We, Our, Like" or any of those types of descriptors. They generally look sloppy and do not come across as objective.

I hope everyone participates. Remember there are no right or wrong answers or ideas, so please share whatever you have regardless of how much skill or experience you have. Even the person just starting still has their own methods, tricks, ideas and reasons for what they do.

Upcoming Events and Projects for M.A.S.

Just to let people know how things are coming along in the world of M.A.S. I have decided to post some ideas that I have floating in my head, as well as the plans I hope to accomplish for this coming Fall.

Graduate school is inevitably beginning again within the next couple of weeks and I am moving to a new apartment to setup shop. Time will be incredibly short this coming autumn in regards to available free time I will have to work. I do have several ideas that I would like to either begin and get accomplished for this fall.

First; I plan to finish recording individual tracks from my Dynamic Interplay Project to release as a net CD. I originally planned to release these tracks as a "hard copy" CD only, with no net release at all. However, financial constraints, personal beliefs and a myriad of other factors have led to decide to release the tracks as a net release for free download. The tracks are all written and composed, they just simply need to be recorded and mixed for final net release.

The record will most likely be a "double disc". I will design the release as well as the accompanied artwork into seventy four minute sections to allow users to download and burn the tracks to CD and print up the artwork themselves. In essence the release will be easily made into a real CD if the user so chooses. Of course they can just burn it all to their mp3 player as well.

Second; I plan to begin publishing digital artwork again, once I have my own computer up and running. I know the artwork section has been very lacking in regards to content. This is because I had this website fully up and running last May. Unfortunately this was about the same time that I had to again move and I have not setup my computer for the past three months. At the beginning of September, my computer and internet connection will be once again up and functional, allowing me to update the media side of this site much more frequently.

If anyone remembered from last spring, I had plans to do an art show and multimedia event, combining my artwork and music. This is a project I would still like to do, but it is currently being suspended.

Third; If time allows I plan to begin a new, yet to be named, music project based around 8-bit music. This new project will be computer based and not initially intended for a Live project. It may become one depending on the hardware and software options available to me at a later date, but I already have another 8-bit livepa project I hope to pursue using Nanoloop next year sometime. This new 8-bit project will have songs that focus on vocal music rather then purely instrumental songs. The overall aesthetic has yet to be worked out, but I expect to begin work on new tracks for this project towards mid-September.

After I work out the details for this project I will post an update to this website with information regarding the project's name, its goals, the aesthetic, as well as links to music. I will of course also post all of the information regarding the tools I am using for this project as well. They are after all Freeware production tools, as is everything I use.

Depending on the time frame that I am allowed to work in you will most likely see songs from this project begin to appear in October. This is due to the fact that I want to explore some new production tools and techniques as well as dive into the vocal arena; something which I have never done before.

Until then, I will continue to record and mix down tracks from the Dynamic Interplay Project and release information regarding those tracks. Look to see information about that album release within the next couple of weeks.

I will also continue to post regular updates in the "Music Production" section of this website regarding music hardware, music software and livepa acts.