Ok well I'm in a ecstatic mood right now. My presentation for EMAC and livepa went so well. I really think the people liked it. If just one person gets into P.A. because of it I have accomplished my job.

The evening for me is going great. I'm just in such a good mood. Boo yah. I have a very busy week though. Exams...Exams...Oh and some more exams.

I highly recommend everyone read these two books. Call off the Wild and A River Runs Through It.


Well Im quite pissed at the moment. Im venting. I went out of my way to come home for the weekend to see my girlfriend at her college at NIU. Friday night she went to the city to see an concert and saturday I was planning to head down to see her at her college. I went out of my way to try to get there as early as possible to see her and she cant make it back from the city. she missed the damn train. seriously. ya know i argued with my parents and famliy to leave early for this thing, and now ive been made a fool of in front of them.

I actually just got a new car today and of course i wanted rush to see her and show her my new car, take us out for a drive, and what does she do? she cant make it back in time. It should be a great day for me, I should be ecstatic but she cant plan ahead and try to make it back to see me.

Ya know apprently my efforts to come down to see her arent important enough. She has to go whiley and see a concert. After which she complains to me about how much money she is spending and how broke she is. She goes out 3 nites out of 7 during the week. I mean come on, does that sound like I should be sympathetic? Im working myself up into a fervor as I type. Im sure I'll calm down later, but right now ........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

seriously she just drives me insane. I love her to death, but somtimes i just get so irritated that she cant think past her own personal desires of the moment. It just makes me feel as if Im not that important, as if Im second rate to her concert, her her night out with friends, or whatever it is that seems to be satisfying her little un-controlable urges at the moment.


Woot. First post on the new blog board for M.A.S. Man coding HTML is a bitch but its well worth it in the end. In all honesty this is actually just a templete. I cant handle the nasty CSS coding that blogger throws up.

anyways I will add more and more stuff to the blog as time allows. for right now my homepage is http://masproductions.co.nr thats where all the goodies are like my music and art and things of that sort. This is just the page for my mindless ramblings.