The site is progressing nicely

Well I am slowly but surely making some progress on the site. I have the basic layout and color design down. I plan to add some graphics to spice up the site some and also add a few more categories, but the look now is the general look.

If there are any formatting problems let me know.

Experimenting with a new layout and features!!!!

Well it has been quite a long time since I have posted on this blog. I actually am in the process of converting my entire website over to this blog due to ease of use and posting features. Right now a default template is being used until I straighten all the layout and posting details out.

Bare with me until I get everything running smoothly.


Well I went to go see a fantastic live show of VNV nation at the metro this past Tuesday. An amazing show. Just fun all around. I must say however though that the crowd was quite a large Goth crowd, and I am not Goth. So as you can guess I sort of stuck out like a sore thumb to some extent.

Big plans are on the way for my music for the new year. I am planning on a total revamp and re-launch of my website to correspond with my first CD releases and artwork releases. I have been gathering together music, and ideas for the past few months. All that is needed now is to actually record the finals of the tracks I plan to release and to begin the design process.

I have a goal to release 2 CD's of my live work as part of my initial re-launch. I will release pieces for an art installation as I develop more of the artwork, and put samples up online.

I also hope to release one CD possibly as M.A.S., but I will have to see how the creative juices are flowing for that one.

Christmas and the new year

Well Christmas has come and gone and the new year is creeping up on us. I got everything I wanted and more, and unfortunately I received a lot of toys for Christmas. More things to distract me from productive music work. I have received a nice distortion pedal from my brother, and it sounds quite nice in the mix. Hopefully that will spur some things happening.

I'm disappointed that I am not performing at this coming new years eve. I had a spot slated at a barn party, but unfortunately the promoter lost the venue.

If anyone is intrested for a more formal blog, I have a site over at to follow all of my performance reviews of my live act. This blog was designed to merely be a glimpse into the nerdy mind of an electronic artist.