New Photos updated from Metatronic 2 in Chicago

I just posted some photos from a fantastic psytrance/goa party that I attended Saturday April 10th. Check out the "Photos" link to the right.

In other minor news you will notice that I have removed the Poems section and replaced it with a Photos link. I think it is best if I simply place my writings in theRandom Thoughts blog to condense sections a little more. The photos blog will allow me opportunities to post photos of my performances and other various photos that I take.

I am also in the process of updating some links to my music, so bear with me. You all will eventually be able to find out what my music sounds like very soon. In the mean time feel free to check out the "Albums" section to download some tracks from an mp3 netlabel release entiteld Twilight Night

Contact Information added

To the left you will notice that I have added my contact information. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. I particularly like questions about music production. Questions provide the best way to develop information and posts for the Q&A section.

This will also present a fantastic way for anyone to provide me with any information they may feel may benefit the site as well as report any sort of bugs that may exist.

In addition to adding contact information I have tweaked some formatting. Most of it the users wont notice themselves, but it did make the site slightly cleaner.

Slight updates and content added.

Just to let everyone know I have been receiving some great feedback on the site so far. I have fixed some bugs regarding the backgrounds as well as some table formatting issues.

Feel free to check out all of the sections of the site. I have posted some content in all of the sections. The hardware sections has some intresting articles about some new music gear coming out in 2005.

The Livepa section has some basic getting started tutorials regarding Livepa.

I hope to add some more sections later tonight. I hope everyone likes them.

Website Up and Running!!

My website is now up and running. All of the sections are in place and working. I have not tested all of the posting features however so I expect some bugs will arise. I hope everyone likes this new layout over my old site. It is much more convenient for me to post information and provide all of my readers with detailed information about my musical projects as well as general information about music production.

Best regards,

The site is progressing nicely

Well I am slowly but surely making some progress on the site. I have the basic layout and color design down. I plan to add some graphics to spice up the site some and also add a few more categories, but the look now is the general look.

If there are any formatting problems let me know.