Ridelog: 03-08-20 First Group Ride of 2020

Is Winter finally on its way out? I sure hope so. I had an opportunity this past week to finally get to a few motorcycle "to do" projects. I was able to get my pannier hangers up in the garage. Thankfully, that was a very easy project. Just drill into the studs and done. 

I also spent the better part of Saturday afternoon getting the new crash bars onto the bike. This ended up taking way longer than I expected, mainly because I had to remove most of the front fairings on the bike to get this done. 

There was a decent level of frustration going on because there were all sorts of clearance issues around coolant hoses, etc. The crash bars are from Illium Works and I do have to give them props for making an excellent installation video. The project was way easier because of that. 

When it was all said and done though, I finally got to go out for a nice ride on Sunday. The weather was cold in the morning, only around 40 when I left the house. We had a great ride up towards Byron. 

Lunch was at the Aero Ale House. After that some of the group went off to get some ice cream, but i decided it was time to head back home. I made it home with barely enough gas left. Probably my closest to "E" I have even been. The bike said I only had 16 miles left in the tank.