So I am Making an RPG

So, as my latest creative experiment I have decided to give my hand a go at developing an RPG system. I don't anticipate creating anything truly groundbreaking, but I figured it would be a fun experiment to explore the development process and explore different concepts in RPG's. 

I have setup a Github site to track the documents as I write them out and I think I'll share those in the coming weeks along with a new development blog as soon as I get a little bit further along in the process. But for now, let's go ahead and share the design concept that I have put together so far for this thought experiment. 


Beyond The Torchlight

Beyond the Torchlight is a simple RPG system that is intended to be transferable across settings, with the intent to make a system that can be played in both fantasy, modern or futuristic settings. It will be focused around a West Marches style gameplay and will allow for tools to build a town and branching adventures from that town.

Design Concepts

  • Simple rulebook and character creation.
  • Designed for a West Marches style of play.
  • Compatible with a variety of game systems with quick conversion guidelines.
  • Develop a "magic" system that can be applied to various settings, including futuristic settings.
  • Invested in a rollplay.
  • Classless.
  • Single currency gold/credits/marks.
  • Downtime/non-adventuring rules for growth and character development.