Shatter: The Children of Man - This Book Really Surprised Me

Every once in a while you read a book with only mild interest, only to have it take hold of you and drag you through the pages by the arm. That recently happened to me with Shatter: The Children of Man. 

I have had this book sitting on my Kindle for almost two years and I honestly have no idea how I picked it up. After my vacation a few weeks ago I decided to just open this book up and give it a go. I was completely hooked by it within the first

 few chapters and basically consumed the book within a couple of days. Shatter is written Elizabeth C. Mock and at the time of its initial publishing the book was released interdependently.  I got my wife to read the book and she instantly devoured it as well and is no onto book #2. 

I would highly recommend someone check this book out. It is only $2.99 on most ebook stores and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised as I was. If you like, you can read my full review on the book over at