The Will to Write.

Well it seems I have moved into another one of those writers block moments with my music. These seem to happen with me about every two years. Perhaps I just get bored with what I am doing. Anyone who has known me on these boards knows it takes me an eternity to write any music at all. Usually at least a month for a track.

Currently I am in another one of those funks, twiddling my thumbs as to what I want to do now. About two years ago I quit production on the computer to focus on doing LivePA work and to try a new style of music. At first that started out great as anything else does and I was getting some pretty good shows, but at a great expense to me. I now have not done any live shows in over a year. The cost of driving out to those shows and everything was costing me a lot of money, and to be honest not that many people are looking for downtempo livePA acts. Again I am at that sort of point in my music where I am wondering where do I go from here.

Do I bring the MAS productions style and alias out of retirement, go back to computer production and back to more ambient music? On the one hand I really do want to do that and I am beginning to miss some of the stuff that I was able to o in Buzz. On the other hand I tried to move away from that vowing to go in a different direction with my music, only to find myself stuck at the same point I was two years ago, and two years even before that.

I suppose one of the things I am missing most right now is the gratification of my music. With the computer production I was really putting out some great songs and getting a lot of feedback online for my work. I left that behind for the LivePA work though, and for a while, while I was doing live shows, that was able to satisfy me because I had that feedback from the crowds. But since I have not been really putting out the shows, especially not the music as regularly as I used to, everything just seems to be lacking at this moment.

I suppose one of the things that is perhaps behind this as well is that I am done with college and now looking for a job. Ironically enough my time at college the past six years gave me some of the best free-time I have ever had to make music and those two things in my life really connect. My best music came out of those six years. Despite the some of the stereotypes of most college students I was really a hermit for most of college, locking myself in my room on Friday and Saturday nights pounding away at music with my headphones on. I really loved that and I was happy as a clam to do that, having my apartment to myself to get some real work done. I have a feeling I am not going to be able to get away with a lot of that anymore. I can already begin to feel pressures and responsibilities piling, pulling my attention and time elsewhere.

Anyways I am just sort of throwing this out there to see if anyone has some insight they can perhaps throw at me. At this point I really feel like getting back into the whole computer production thing, but unfortunately my budget just doesn't allow it at the moment.