Matt's Chipotle Chili

Here is a bit of a weird post, but below is my recipe for chili. Now, I am not normally a chili person. I fact I hated chili most of my life. I was never able to find a recipe that I really liked. Every year at work we do a chili lunch before the Super Bowl. Some people really make some fantastic chili's. This year we had a few retirements and less people making chili. A week before the lunch we still had three slots still open so I decided to sign up and see if I could make something that was passable. 

This is where I kicked into my "research mode". I have this thing where whenever I need to find information on something, I go into this really deep process of looking up all the information I can on it. The result is that I identified some "base ingredients that I saw in all of the recipes, looked at a "tex-med" flavor and then sort of made up my own recipe. 

To my surprise my chili actually turned out amazingly well and it was actually a hit at the super bowl lunch. I think it turned out so well is because it cooked for nearly fourteen hours in the crockpot. So, here below is my chili recipe as it stands today. I hope everyone enjoys it.