A Change of Musical Direction

I have come to realize over the past few months that my current musical prospects with M.A.S. Productions, and my current music methods of working have come to a stalemate. I think I am currently sapped dry of creative ideas with my current musical project as M.A.S. Productions.

I have decided to wrap up a few pieces with the M.A.S. Productions moniker, namely the Classica series and one more track tentatively named AWE.

I am going to change directions musically over the next few months to year and concentrate more on my live project Dynamic Interplay, and also delve into 8 bit music.

I may leave M.A.S. Productions on hold for the next year or so, or I may retire the moniker under that name indefinitely and continue with new projects under new names. The M.A.S. Productions website will remain the base for all of project outlets, but I will not produce specifically as M.A.S. any longer. Project names will take on their own identities and movements.


I just watched a fascinating documentary on TLC about tattoos and the art and expression of tattooing. My whole life I have been really intrigued by tattoos, and always have been curious as to getting one myself. Fanciful wishing or maybe a dream to think about. We'll have to see.

"Our bodies are the stories of our lives. Every wrinkle, every crease tells a story. Body art is merely a chapter in that story."