Back in June and July Megan and I visited Italy for my brother's wedding. The trip was a two week adventure visiting Milan, Bergamo, Verona and Lake Maggiore. The idea was to vacation with our family the week prior to the wedding and then spend about a week in Lake Maggiore for the wedding itself. 

Italy: Day 3 - Verona

Day 3 was our travel day and was supposed to be my opportunity to ride the motorcycle up into the dolomites. Unfortunately the bike I rented broke down about four blocks from our AirBnB. I had to leave it there and try to coordinate with the rental company to pick it up. I was EXTREMELY disappointed. To add insult to injury, I had to get a train ticket to Verona and because of our huge luggage I sat in the sweltering doorway of the rail car filled with people. 

Ohh yeah, and I also got a sliver in my hand from the railing on the way out. 

After settling in we visited the Giardino Giusti about an hour before it was closing. We had the place pretty much to ourselves. It was a beautiful garden. 

Before calling it a night we walked by the Arena, someplace we would be visiting the next night to see the Opera. 

Italy: Day 2 - Bergamo

Day two of the trip started off literally on the wrong foot. My mom sprained her ankle at breakfast and we had a really rough time. It was unseasonably hot out and her ankle swelled up. She toughed it out though and we walked through the entire upper city of Bergamo. Bergamo was probably the highlight of the entire trip for me. It was a beautiful old city on a hill/fort. The mountains were very scenic around the city. 

Our original lunch destination was unfortunately closed. The owners were on vacation so we had to find an alternative. We lucked out with a great place at the top of the funicular at the top of the fort in the upper city. We then explored that area and a bit of gardens in the early afternoon. I also had some chilled espresso, which didn't sit right with me. 

The remainder of the afternoon was spent wandering the city and visiting some of the old churches. 

Dinner finished in the main square and was quite pleasant.