a poem.

Life is a journey through the winds of time and fortune. It is a journey of mystery, intrigue and adventure. We grow and develop, love and create piece by piece. Each piece of the puzzle connects with the next of its kin to help define us as who we are and who we want to be,

The pieces we help to create are also the pieces which are so delicate. It is only with the love and companionship shared by two found souls that the puzzle of life is able to be completed. When each piece finds its proper place in the whole the perfect harmony amongst lovers can be found and they are both destined to have found the true meaning of life in each other.

It is piece by piece that we travel through life, and it is piece by piece that we find our true happiness. Blessed are those lucky enough to have found their true soul mate, and who have the joy of bringing each their own piece of the puzzle to help complete it and make it whole.
Matt Supert


A random quote I found on a Yahoo groups mailing list. I like it.

"progress doesn't come from early risers,
progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things"