an excellent review about one of my tracks "Classica #1" really made me feel good

Some of you may start thinking that I've been at the columbian smoooovies but let me assure that I haven't lol.
Let me just get this off my chest. This peice of music conjures up some strange images to me. Firstly, I see a face of a young woman but it's like it's from an old black and white movie. She is wearing a hat with flowers in it with little bits of her black curly hair dropping out. She is looking so innocent and is smiling at the camera. The image is like an old movie that is flickering. I can also visualise people dancing, again as if projected from an old movie but flowing from slow motion to staggered speed. I think the track stirs up images of a bygone era.
Very very soothing build up and a lovely finishing. Glides along very nicely. At first, the most prominent thing I noticed was the bass sound. It sounded so out of place yet as the track progresses, it melds so neatly into the background of the track. Very sublte and very clever.
I've done many a tracks in 2/4 (6/8) and I have always found them to have been most powerful.
Excellent track in my opinion.

thanks a ton man hats off to you. Reviews like this are what keep me going.


Ok well I'm in a ecstatic mood right now. My presentation for EMAC and livepa went so well. I really think the people liked it. If just one person gets into P.A. because of it I have accomplished my job.

The evening for me is going great. I'm just in such a good mood. Boo yah. I have a very busy week though. Exams...Exams...Oh and some more exams.

I highly recommend everyone read these two books. Call off the Wild and A River Runs Through It.