Site Update: Live Set mp3's added.

I have added links to three of my livesets as performed by Dynamic Interplay. The links can be found on the sidebar to the right under "Live Music".

Please note, that all of the live sets are 128 kbps mp3's or higher. I have set the links up for direct linking to the mp3 files. If you are on a slow connection and try to stream these files then you may run into significant buffering problems.

Please feel free to download the sets and listen as you wish.

New Production Tutorials in the Q&A Section.

I have posted two tutorials that I wrote in the Q&A section covering compression, side chain compressors, and noise gates.

Each tutorial is designed to teach individuals alternative ways in which to approach the use of compressors and noise gates in their music. For example, a compressor is commonly used to limit a threshold range within music. The goal of this is to of course create a a more uniform space for the sounds within a musical piece. There is so much more that can be done with a compressor though. It can be utilized as a distortion plugin, it can create a "ducking" effect, or it can be used to create IDM style beats.

The Noise Gate tutorial was written largely due to the fact that noise gates are commonly used in conjunction with compressors. Noise Gates are useful for limiting audio output when a certain threshold is met.

The third article covers sidechain compression. This is the most misunderstood use of a compressor, but is probably the most fun to use in electronic music.

I hope you enjoy.

Dynamic Interplay Geologic Liveset Now Online!!!!

I now have my live set recorded from Geologic online. There are two new songs featured in this set that have not been heard anywhere else before: The opening track and the second to last track. The entire set is about 70 minutes long and was recorded via minidisc on July 17th at the Geologic Festival in Murphysburo Illinois.

Thanks to the magic of there are several file versions available.
you can stream it via: 64Kbps or Vbr

you can also download the track in:

64Kbps MP3
192Kbps MP3
Ogg Vorbis
and Zip

the original file was uploaded at 192kbps.

.:Download the set:.

Liveset from Geologic coming soon.

I have ran into some technical difficulties transferring my recorded live set from Geologic to the computer. It appears that my Mini-disc does not transfer via USB. I will have to manually record through the audio out onto my computer a 70 minute live set. To make matters worse I do not have my computer up and running. I will have to record it onto another computer, with recording software I am not familiar with and then try to transfer it over.

This is going to be a headache, I can feel it already.