My Computer is DEAD!!!! Well... It has risen

My computer died on me this past week so I have had almost no access to the Internet. I apologize for the lack of posts.

However it has been revived by the gracious Dell people. Thank you warranty. However my Internet isn't working. I'm typing on my roommate's computer right now.

Computer is dead

Well I apologize for not being a little more active. My computer died on my and just was fixed today by the Dell people. My internet is still down though. Im typing on my roomate's computer. Gah its frustrating.


I have become increasingly frustrated with my musical endeavors as of late. I just cannot seem to come up with any ideas creatively. I sit in front of my gear staring at it as if it was brand new and I never have used it before. I cant seem to kick myself in the butt to really get something going musically.

This problem could be for the fact that I am at a pinnacle point of change. I am going to graduate college in about a month, and I'm changing schools across the state to go to graduate college. I'm fairly stressed about this I must admit, and worried about my work load for the next year or so.

I've decided musically I want to pursue some albums and have those pressed and released independently. This I believe is what I want to focus on for the next year or so musically. I'm thinking of limiting my net releases of songs because of this fact and maybe try to recoup some of the vast expenses I have undertaken for this joyous hobby of mine.

I suppose we will see where the dice fall. It is best not to force creativity when it isn't needed. It will come back in due time. Lets just hope sooner rather then later.