It is an Apple Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone, and I hope everyone have a great time. Surprisingly my Christmas this year went off pretty much without any problems. No crazy relatives shouting at each other or anything.

So I myself got some pretty nice gifts for Christmas, some of which I would never have thought to buy myself, but really enjoy actually. The first surprising gift was an iHome H6 alarm clock. Now what is so cool about this alarm clock is that I can plug my iPod into it and wake to my iPod. Plus it charges my iPod. Two birds killed with one stone there, and I totally needed a new one. My old alarm clock I have had since i was about six years old.

The next surprising gift I got was this super small photo printer, the HP Photosmart 385. Now I am not one of the photo types but this thing prints super sweet photos. You would never tell they were printed on a home printer from a digital camera. I went to get some extra paper for it and I found a sweet value pack from HP which included 125 pages of photo paper plus a print cartridge from $40!!!! Black ink cartridges for my regular printer cost $31!!!

I got plenty of other cool things, but to sort of tie a theme together here I was reading the "Cult of Mac" book which I got. My girlfriend and I have totally fallen into the whole cult. We adore our Apple products. She personifies hers, and we even held an "unpacking ceremony" as they say only Mac people seem to do. As far as I am concerned I could do without seeing anoher Microsoft product......Except for maybe an Xbox 360.

I am getting off the point now though. Through all of this I came to realize that when I get my own place I will have to design the rest of my furniture and design around my white Apple products.

So Christmas for the rest of my family was mostly and Apple affair as well. Both my Mom and my Dad got iPods and a plethora of Apple accessories.