Trout Fishing: Black Earth Creek Wisconsin

Last weekend my Dad, brother and I went up to to Wisconsin near the Middleton area to do some fly fishing near Black Earth Creek. We are terrible at fly fishing, but doing these little adventures is always a lot of fun. Black Earth Creek is a lot closer than the streams we tried to hit up last year and it was only about a 2-3 hour drive since it is just west of Wisconsin. Overall our experience was a lot better. The creek area is much more accessible than the creeks up near Viroqua and despite having more people overall on the water, it was wooded enough where you didn't really see that many people. 

We (my brother) caught one fish this year, which is fine, but I would definitely hit this place up again. There is also an excellent fly shop in the adjacent town of Cross Plans called "On the Creek". They sort of open up whenever they feel like it, but the guy working the shop was super helpful for giving us some tips on places to start. They also have an excellent map on their wall of the entire creek area with information on parking locations and access points. Highly recommended.