Learning How to Road Bike (For Fitness)

It has been a couple of weeks since I last put up a post. I have to admit, I have failed pretty hard at my commitment for monthly donations. I promise I will get back on that. 

Anyways, my newest hobby and obsession has been getting into road biking. I am constantly looking a new ways to stay fit since I get so bored with workout routines quickly. This past spring I went pretty hard with Yoga as a major component of my workout routine along with my tennis an weightlifting. Last year I completed Tough Mudder, which I was very proud of, but I have to admit that I absolutely hate running. I always have, and this year I have hardly done any running at all. 

My brother has been into the bicycling sport for the past several years. I never really considered it for me, but recently it has sparked an interest. I have always loved biking and truth be told I wish I did more of it. Unfortunately my community (Bolingbrook) is not particularly bike friendly with the way the shops are setup. 

I recently purchased my wife a nice casual bike for her birthday so I am hoping some of our casual bike riding can increase this year. I have an old trek mountain bike (which is a great bike truth be told) that I plan to convert to a single speed later this year. I never really use all of the gears on it and it could use a little bit of TLC to clean it up. 

Getting back into my original statement though, I think road biking might be an ideal way for me to keep my cardio up. The sport appears to be relatively expensive with starter bikes apparently in the $800 - $1200 range. I am hoping to visit some local bike shops in the next several weeks to see what options are out there for me. I'll report back once I get a feeling as to what is out there.