2014 Goals

Well, it is that time again, when we look back upon the year we had and then think about what we want to do moving forward.  This past year went pretty fine for the most part, but for some reason I wouldn't really call it a satisfying year on the whole. I took two wonderful vacations this past summer to Yosemite and on a cruise. Apart from that though I didn't feel like I had much else from the summer that really stood out for me. 

My biggest personal accomplishment was probably my participation in Nanowrimo this past November. I found that I actually enjoyed writing quite a bit and I hope to continue going forward this year. My biggest disappointment was that I really did not get to ride my motorcycle as much as I wanted. I didn't participate in as many group rides as I would have liked and I did none of the weekend trips I wanted to. Somehow my weekends felt really full with other work. 

This year I think I want to keep my goals a bit simpler. 

  1. Music Mondays - I should use Monday evenings to work on more music 
  2. Continue to write at least once a week. Perhaps even get a book finished. 
  3. Ride more Motorcycle. 
That's it for right now. 

2012 Wrap Up

2013 is here!!!  So last year I had a whole bunch of goals from last year . Did I complete most of the ones I set out to do?  Let's find out and givet hem a quick review. Let's cross of what I think I succssfully accomplished. 

  1. One Song a Month 
  2. Learn about Buddhism 
  3. Skydive
  4. Finish furnishing house
  5. Personalize office
  6. Donate at least $100 a month to charity  
  7. Learn to rock climb
  8. Cross country ski
  9. Be a better husband
  10. Zen
  11. Go on a date once a month with wife
  12. Go see a musical  
  13. Pickup model building again 
  14. Goto a concert 
  15. U of I football game 
  16. Ride more motorcycle
  17. Don't look back in anger 
  18. Replace valves in other 2 toilets 
  19. Build a workbench
  20. Take more quiet time
  21. Expand my musical repitoire
  22. Be patient

OK......So not too bad. I missed some of the big items, but some of the smaller more interpersonal items I definitely accomplished. This year has been very busy though with Megan getting into the full groove with her new job. I think one thing Megan and I need to focus on this year is more personal time together. But I will save that to a post next week for my 2013 goals. 

January Donation: Bat Sanctuary - Batworld.org

As I mentioned in my 2012 Goals post, one of my objectives this year is to donate at least $100 a month to a charity or cause that I find compelling. I decided to begin doing a monthly post on these donations to cast some light and awareness on them. If anyone else out there would like to donate to them as well I will provide links to their sites in my posts along with information about the cause. 

For my first donation of the year I chose to go with a seemingly unknown animal sanctuary call Batworld. As you might expect from the name they are an animal sanctuary for bats that for some reason cannot make it back to the wild. To be honest I cannot remember how I first came across this organization, but after reading up on them it seems that they have recently come upon some hard times due to some legal or defamation issues. They just felt like the right place for me so I made a donation. 

There are several ways you can donate, but perhaps the easiest and most heartwarming is their "adopt a bat" program". For $40 ($30 for a class I think) you can adopt a bat for one year to help pay for food and medical supplies for the sanctuary. I chose to go with Beene'. As a result they sent me a nice little informational packet in the mail and a wonderful picture of the bat that I plan to frame.

After I made my donation I had a pleasant email from the foundation as well that just sort of made me feel good. 

Dear Matthew,

It looks like you may have accidentally sponsored Beene' three times. Let me know if you meant to only sponsor her once and I'll refund the extra donation you were charged.



No I did actually want to sponsor that amount.  You can use the money towards other bats or whatever, but the $1XX is all yours.

Matt Supert.


Dear Matthew, Thank you so much!!! This is so very generous of you. Our organization faces a continual uphill battle in securing the financial resources it takes to rescue these misunderstood animals. Your contribution will make a difference in the number of lives we will be able to save in the coming months. 
Again, thank you, on behalf of all the injured, orphaned and abused bats who will be helped due to your compassionate support.


So I hope people find this organization interesting and if you are looking to adopt a bat with your kids, learn a little bit more about bats or perhaps do something for one of your classes definitely check out Batworld.org to learn more.