January 2016 Reading List

The winter is always a good time to sit-down and find some books to read. Some people think summer is to time to read, but for me that is the time to get outside and do something active. The winter weather though is a great excuse to read some good books. 

As I previously mentioned, Megan bought me a Kindle Voyage for my birthday and I have had a great time reading some books on it over the past few months. 

I was able to finally polish off "Toll the Hounds" which was the eighth book in Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen Series.  As I have noted a few times before, those books are huge. This one in particular was 800+ pages and it took me a better part of 2015 to get through. It was difficult in part because I just wasn't that into the book. I am going to continue to soldier on through though and finish that series here in 2016. There are only two books left to go.

Once I finished that I needed to find something that was a little bit lighter in reading. I picked up "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" from the Kindle Lending Library to read over the Thanksgiving and winter holiday. No surprise, I loved the book as I have with all of the Harry Potter books I have read thus far. At the same time I also picked up an audio book from Librivox to listen to.  That book was "The Double Traitor" by E. Phillips Oppenheim. This was a nice, low key spy novel. It didn't have much action in it, but it was more about deception and double-crossing by the characters. There was a lot of exposition in it, but it worked out in the end as a good book. 

I am now working on another "light" novel and reading the "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". This is a great book so far. Very light stories and this particular novel is a collection of short stories. I didn't realize that it was actually the third Holmes book, so I will have to definitely pickup the other two. These books are all in the public domain so you can get them for free over at Project Gutenberg or on most of your ebook reader stores. 

Kindle Voyage

For my birthday this year Megan bought me a new Kindle Voyage. I have been using my original Kindle 3G (the one with the keyboard) for close to five years now and I have it to thank for getting back into reading. I have been eyeing one of the new Kindles for quite a while now, especially one with the glowlight on it for nighttime reading. I had some major jealousy going on to Megan's Nook which had the glowlight. Problem was that my K3G was in perfect condition. Not a crack on it so it was hard to justify an upgrade. 

Well timing worked out well and Amazon a few weeks back was doing a good trade in credit for the old Kindle and it just so happened that my birthday was around the corner. So I have a fancy new Kindle Voyage, which is really nice. I have people occasionally ask me why I don't just read on a tablet. I do actually read on my iPad on occasion, but the LCD screen really isn't ideal for longer reading sessions. I am a big proponent of single purpose devices, not "do it all" devices so getting the best tool for the job I want is really what I am looking for. For reading, it has to be e-ink. It is just so much easier on the eyes. The new voyage also has a glass screen which really makes the e-ink pop in a great way.