Ride Log: 09-23-11

A good ride this afternoon on some back country roads. As is probably the case with a lot of riders I got lost in the moment and got a little bit cocky. Several of the turns along the route had gravel on them, in one case I hit a straight up gravel road. That definitely humbled me.

I attempted to get some good photos of myself and the bike near Brook Road, but found my camera does not have a timer feature on it. Regardless though the trip was a good one, but I can see already that my bike begins to hurt my butt and back. Most likely the angle at which it sits.

On a side note I noticed that I was covered in bugs after the ride. I had to clean off my jacket and my helmet. From the photo you can see what I am talking about. This got me thinking though that apart from the safety of a helmet, wouldn’t a person want to wear one just so they don’t get a face full of that?

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Down the rabbit hole I go

Amazing how motorcycle ownership is a bit of a secret society. People who I never knew owned bikes or who I did and never really had a conversation with suddenly seem all the more interested to hold a conversation with you. This is not even mentioning the ritualistic wave you get while riding.

So I have owned my motorcycle for all of about three weeks at this point and I am already getting wrapped up into the world of gear, accessories and other bikes. I was surprised to learn about how many people own more than one bike. I can see why now. With the riding ranging from touring to dual sport there is so much to do. Even before I got this motor ycle I was I treated in touring. Something about heading out west appealed to me. Not a huge fan of the giant bikes though. After reading the Fuzzy Galore blog though I now have an interest pique in dual sporting. Have I mentioned I have only owned this motorcycle for three weeks?

Technology Burnout

For most of you who know me, you will know that I am one of the biggest tech geeks around. I love gadgets and keeping constantly in touch with the world. Over the past year I have found myself striving to get a break from that constant connection. It started a bit with my trip to Montana last year in which I was completely disconnected from most technology. With my recent purchase of a motorcycle I found a bit of freedom in the simplicity of the machine. While it is of course still a piece of technology, there is something inherently raw about a motorcycle, having no modern electronics, GPS, air conditioning, etc. on it that we see with modern cars. The motorcycle requires my constant attention while riding it and all I hear is the wind rushing past my ears while I ride. 

I have to admit, just going out and heading in a direction without a destination or a route is incredibly difficult for me. I have become incredibly reliant on GPS for most of my travels these days. I have found the experience quite rewarding however. As I do with most adventures that I find myself getting into, I dive fully into the experience looking into as much of the detail as I can. I already find myself looking at new accessories and upgrades I can get for my bike. As I continue with riding I think I will begin posting some of the routes that I take here on the blog. 

Where is the music?

Wouldn’t I like to know. I actually had a very productive weekend composing. I just need to get some recordings down to share to the world. I know i promised to post some videos of Sunvox a couple of months ago. To be honest I find myself using it more on my iPad then I do on the computer, which I suppose isn’t all bad. I think my productivity is slighted stalled by the fact of me trying to put my studio back together. Ever since I tore it apart to get new carpet installed it has only slowly been making itself whole again. My turntables are still in fact sittingin my basement waiting to be re-assembled. I also need to get fresh recordings of my faux 8-bit tracks for an EP put together, which again just sort of entails me sitting down and hitting that damned record button. 

May 2011 Reading List

Cranked out two books this month, well two if you consider and audio book a book. I “read’ hunger games about a week ago listening to it through Overdrive from my public library. I normally don’t do a lot of library reading since I can never read the books fast enough. Two weeks generally just is not enough time for me. I figured though that I should be able to crank through the Hunger Games though pretty quickly as an audio book and I have to say I really enjoyed it. 

The other main book I read this past month was Cordelia’s Honor. It is an omnibus of two books by Lois McMaster Bujold. Quite a good read actually that features a very strong and well written female main character. I finished that yesterday just as the month is ending. Next up on my list is N.K. Jamisen’s “A Hundred Thousand Kingdoms”.